There is a Kingdom that has always been, and will always be. It is found in the heart of Jehovah God who has no beginning or end. He lives in eternity, and rules over all that exist. Before time began, before you were born, God had an eternal purpose for your life. The only way to find and fulfill this eternal purpose is through a relationship with The Eternal King, Jesus Christ. This blog is about The Eternal King and His Kingdom. It is about how you can be part of His Kingdom by having a relationship with Him, and fulfilling His eternal purpose for you.


Living in the Power of the Kingdom REQUIRES

He hadn’t seen another human in weeks, and in all that time He hadn’t eaten any food.  He was very hungry.  Suddenly His ancient enemy was there; not only His enemy, but the enemy of all mankind.  The enemy told Him, “If you’re really who you think you are, turn the stones around you into bread.”  His answer came from deep within His Spirit, “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word of God.”  He was about to face His greatest test.  This was a test that Father God had led Him to take.  The reason for the test was so He could defeat the enemy, allowing the Power of the Kingdom to flow through Him as He fulfilled His purpose on earth.  One by one He defeated every temptation of the enemy.  Possessions, relationships, and goals & ambitions were all surrendered to Father God.  After His victory God sent angels to minister to Him.1

How was Jesus able to defeat the enemy?  From an early age He had learned to listen to God’s Spirit inside of Him.2 As He learned the Hebrew Scriptures He meditated day and night on what they meant.  As God revealed the truths of them to Him, He memorized them so He wouldn’t forget what they said and disobey Father God.3  He made it His habit to start the day by spending time with Father God, and listening to His voice telling Him what to do and helping Him understand the challenges He would face that day.  When the enemy showed up there were no surprises.  He was ready.4

As Jesus began His ministry of establishing the Kingdom, He did what every new member of the Kingdom would be required to do.  He was water baptized.  This was a public testimony to show He was part of the Kingdom.5 After defeating the enemy; He began to share with those around Him the things that Father God had taught Him.  Jesus was the Living Word.  What He said had the Power to transform those around Him and defeat the enemy.6 He emphasized the need for people to keep their relationship with Him their highest priority.  He explained that they must allow His Words to go deep into their heart so they could grow to know Him and He could transform their lives.7  He told them that only through daily surrender to God8, and prayer that is motivated by a desire to see His Kingdom9 could they live to fulfill His purpose for them.  He promised that when He left He would send the Holy Spirit to guide them into all truth10 and pour into them the strength to live in the Power of the Kingdom.11 He let them know that through the Power of the Spirit they could live in daily fellowship with Him.  To do this they needed to feed their spirit on what He said in His Word, the Bible, and start their day with prayer.  They needed to continue in an attitude of prayer throughout the day and seek to obey what the Spirit spoke to their heart.12 He let them know that as they did this they would be His co-workers, who would establish His unending Kingdom throughout the world.13

BASED ON WHAT JESUS TAUGHT, YOU NEED TO ASK: Are you living in daily fellowship with Jesus so you can grow to know Him and live in the Power of the Kingdom?

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Henry & Rita Pulsifer

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